PPDA: Andrei Nastase is victim of unprecedented media attack
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14:19, 30 May 2016

Members of the Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” (PPDA) and of the Great National Assembly Council said that Vlad Plahotniuc, the first deputy chairman of the Democratic Party, employed all his media resources and the controlled state institutions to discredit the protest movement. According to them, Vlad Plahotniuc hits the leader of the PPDA with the aim of making the people lose confidence in him and of removing him from the race for the presidential elections. Such statements were made in a news conference on May 30, IPN reports.

PPDA deputy head Chiril Motpan, who is the spokesman for the Great National Assembly Council, read an appeal addressed to the embassies working in Moldova, the EU Delegating and the senior administration, which says that the leader of the PPDA Andrei Nastase is the victim of an unprecedented media attack. Andrei Nastase and his family are followed by journalist working for Vlad Plahotniuc. These journalists flouted the Penal Code because they violated the secrecy of correspondence and bank secrecy.

Andrei Nastase said that he earned all his money legally, not illegally, as the press controlled by Vlad Plahotniuc insinuates. Moreover, in 2009 he signed a part of his property over to his mother and mother-in-law in order to protect them from possible thefts in the captive state Moldova.

According to the appeal, the members of PPDA aim to cause early parliamentary elections so that these are held simultaneously with the presidential ones and to depoliticize and free from captivity the Central Election Commission, the Broadcasting Coordination Council and the public TV channel so as to guarantee free and fair elections.

The PPDA calls upon all the anti-oligarchic and reformist parties to immediately launch public debates on the combination of forces against the authoritarian regime, including by identifying and supporting a common candidate in the presidential elections.

The press reported that Andrei Nastase purchased a number of plots with money that was illegally obtained from Banca de Economii and transferred a number of plots and amounts of money to relatives and that the protests mounted by the Platform “Dignity and Truth” were financed with money from outside the country.

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