Lawmakers urged to show maturity
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11:08, 13 Feb 2014

During the first plenary meeting of the Parliament in 2014, the MPs were called to show more maturity, responsibility and respects towards citizens. “2014 is a very important year for our relations with the EU. We are about to obtain the results of our work. I am confident that the right approach is European integration and cooperation with the East. It is important to have internal cohesion. The whole political class must show maturity and responsibility”, stated Speaker Igor Corman, IPN reports.

He admitted that as 2014 is an electoral year with all the inevitable consequences, the Parliament will be a political battlefield. “I call upon all the MPs from all parties: the political struggle is not a melee. I urge you to contribute so that this return home (to the renovated building of the Parliament) would mean a new beginning for parliamentary activity”, said Corman.

President Nicolae Timofti attended the meeting and said that Moldova must continue its European road, because the EU means western values, solidarity and support. The head of the state stressed that concrete results could be obtained only through collaboration. “The political and financial support we are receiving from European countries is crucial. The mandate we have been entrusted with by the people obligates us to focus on the development and modernization of the country”, said President Timofti.

Prime Minister Iurie Leanca warned that Moldova will have no future unless there is a will to overcome all the obstacles. “Europe means freedom, democracy and respect. We'll make all the efforts to improve the social conditions of some categories of citizens. We broke the international isolation of our country, penned agreements and have more support than ever”, said the PM. Leanca told the legislators that the Association Agreement with the EU will be signed and the coalition will win the elections.

The Parliament begins its plenary activity and the spring-summer session on Thursday, February 14.

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