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Igor Dodon about plans for 2018
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09:31, 03 Jan 2018

President Igor Dodon will soon present a country development concept for the next few years. The Head of State informed about this in an interview for the public TV channel Moldova 1, IPN reports.

“It is the right time for the political forces to leave the political struggle aside. Some want in Europe, while others want to be closer to the Russian Federation. Some want Moldova to unite with Romania, while others want the union with Russia. Time came to think about Moldova. We are divided by many things, but are all united by one important thing – we love our motherland, the Republic of Moldova,” said President Dodon.

The Head of State believes that it is important for Moldova to borrow the best practices, both of the European Union and of the Russian Federation. “Even if this year will be a difficult year as it is an electoral one, I hope a lot that political compromises will be made at least at the end of 2018 and a not pro-EU or pro-Russia, but a pro-Moldova Government will be formed. I will struggle for this,” he stated.

According to the President, if things do not change, the Republic of Moldova will become a depopulated country. “We lost a million and a half of people during 25 years. This is one third of the population. The situation should be changed fundamentally and a political consensus is vital in this regard,” stated Igor Dodon.

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10:06, 03 January 2018

scurte pe doi - va sta și va încălzi scaunul și va cheltui cîțiva bani bugetari, pe când toate reformele vor fi făcute de guvern și parlament!


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