Modern scanner inaugurated at Ocnița railway customs post

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14:41, 08 Dec 2018

Modern scanner inaugurated at Ocnița railway customs post

The Ocnița railway customs post has now one of the most modern scanners existing at present. The Nuctech TMRF 6010 system is used to inspect railroad vehicles as they pass through the scanning tunnel, enabling to detect all types of undeclared goods.

The scanner was donated by the Government of the People’s Republic of China in the framework of a technical assistance project to the value of US$ 5.7 million. As part of the same project, the Chisinau International Airport customs post in May was outfitted with a Nuctech TMXT 2080AD scanner for inspecting checked-in baggage, IPN reports.

In the inauguration event on December 8, Customs Service detector Vitalie Vrabie said the enlargement of the commercial flows inherently leads to bigger fraud risks. That’s why it is important for the Customs Service to diversify the control instruments and to prevent possible damage or threats to regional security.

Attending the event, China’s Ambassador to Moldova Zhang Yinghong said the delivery of the customs inspection equipment is the result of the cooperation between Moldova and China within a project of major importance. The implementation of the project will enable to accelerate transfrontier transit, to fight smuggling and to fully collect the planned budget revenues.

The project was implemented under an intergovernmental agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the People’s Republic of China. The first stationary scanner was donate by the Government of the People’s Republic of China in 2015. This was installed at the Leușeni customs post.

14:41, 08 Dec 2018
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