Andrei Nastase: We mobilized sympathizers sufficiently well for me to reach runoffs

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21:47, 20 May 2018

Andrei Nastase: We mobilized sympathizers sufficiently well for me to reach runoffs

The candidate of the Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” for mayor of Chisinau Andrei Nastase, who in the current electoral race is supported by the Party “Action and Solidarity” and the Liberal Democratic Party, said the parties he represents in these elections mobilized their sympathizers rather well for him to reach the runoffs. The candidate made such statements in a program on ProTV Chisinau channel after the closing of the polling places, IPN reports.

“Our analyses show that we are there (in the runoffs – e.n.). How can they stop us now? They can stop us by fraud, by stratagems. We surely watch out. We have by two-three persons at each of the polling places and they follow the process,” stated the candidate.

As to the low voter turnout in elections, Andrei Nastase said the roots of absenteeism should be analyzed. The whole political class bears responsibility equally. “The continous poisoning to which our society has been continuously exposed led to this. There are multiple cuases why the people preferred not to vote. For me, it is not clear why the young people didn’t go and vote. I do not have an explanation. If the young people continue not to vote, the categories of people who are not nostalgic for the past will decide for us and I don’t know if we will be motivated to remain in the country,” stated Andrei Nastase.

The voter turnout in the municipality of Chisinau by 9am was 35.53%, which is about 225,000 voters.


21:47, 20 May 2018
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