Intelligent specialization for developing entrepreneurship in Moldova
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08:59, 06 Oct 2017

For the Republic of Moldova, it is imperative to adopt a new methodology for developing entrepreneurship, namely intelligent specialization, which involves the identification of the advantages of each region and mobilization of the key players around a common view. The intelligent specialization strategies represent a powerful instrument for dealing with social, climatic and energy challenges, such as demographic changes, limited natural resources, energy security and others. The subject was discussed in an international conference of small and medium-sized enterprises that was staged by the Organization for the Development of the Sector of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, IPN reports.

The Organization’s director Iulia Iabanji said that within intelligent specialization each country looks for and identifies those areas with which it is able to compete at global level. “We think we should look at this step not as at an obligation, but as at a necessary approach and a chance of economic orientation that will enable Moldovan companies to compete internationally. If this does not happen, Moldova will continue to be the country that provides cheap labor force. In this connection, in the immediate period, by concerted effort we should identify and focus on the utilization of competitive advantages that would favor the extension of the SMEs in the Republic of Moldova,” noted Iulia Iabanji.

“The goal of today’s conference is to present the socioeconomic potential of the regions of the Republic of Moldova and to identify instruments to support the reorientation of the industrial organizations to the emerging fields and international markets.”

Attending the event, Deputy Prime Minister Octavian Calmac, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, said with reference to intelligent specialization that Moldova should lay emphasis on the own traditions that it should put to good use. Good ideas should be put into practice with the support of the state so that these ideas ultimately become a profitable business.

EU Ambassador to Moldova Peter Michalko said the European Union, as the most important commercial, economic and political partner of the Republic of Moldova, supports initiatives aimed at contributing to the successful development of the business sector and at bringing benefits to the Moldovan citizens by consolidating the SME sector.

Moldova pledged to adopt intelligent specialization strategies by 2020, with technical support from the European Commission.

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