Legal entities must present tax returns by March 26

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11:16, 23 Mar 2018

Legal entities must present tax returns by March 26

The legal entities have time until March 26 inclusive, until 7pm, to submit tax returns for 2017,  IPN reports, with reference to the State Tax Service.

For the residents of the Republic of Moldova who work as entrepreneurs and for those who practice legal activities in the justice sector, the income tax is imposed on the incomes earned from any source in Moldova and abroad, except for the deductions and exemptions to which they are entitled.

The tax returns can be presented to the State Tax Service or submitted electronically. The tax rate imposed on the incomes earned by legal entities is of 12%.

For legal entities that practice professional activities (law firms, mediation offices) or professional activities in the justice sector (notaries, bailiffs, lawyers, authorized administrators), the tax rate is of 18%.

The tax rate on the incomes of individual entrepreneurs is of 7% for the incomes lower than 31 140 lei and 18% for those larger than this sum.

The income tax rate for farming organizations is of 7%, while for private individuals who practice independent activities (trade) is of 1%, but not less than 3 000 lei a year.

The noncommercial organizations must also present tax returns by March 26 inclusive. The tax rate for them is of 12%.

The State Tax Service said the working program for March 23 was extended by two hours longer. On March 24 and 25, tax returns can be submitted between 8am and 3pm. On March 26, the working program will also be by two hours longer.

For private individuals (citizens), the deadline for the submission of tax returns for 2017 is May 2, 2018.

11:16, 23 Mar 2018
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