Information campaign to facilitate access to one-stop shop of permissive documents
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12:04, 09 Nov 2018

An information and awareness-raising campaign to facilitate the private sector’s access to the one-stop shop of permissive documents (authorizations, certificates, etc.) will be carried out with the World Bank’s support. The subject was discussed by the Government’s secretary general Lilia Palii and representatives of the World Bank.

According to the State Chancellery, the information campaign will facilitate the creation of an environment that will favor the development of SMEs and the national economy. The interlocutors underlined the support provided by the World Bank experts, who ensured continuous assistance in developing a strategy for implementing the platform in the conditions of the Republic of Moldova.

There were also discussed the future actions, namely the consolidation of the Pubic Services Agency’s capacities and development of a communication plan that will ensure greater visibility. According to Lilia Palii, the support offered by the World Bank through projects to regulate and develop the private sector represented an efficient instrument not only for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, but also for foreign investors.

The one-stop shop of permissive documents simplifies the procedure for applying for and obtaining permissive documents, excludes corruption and standardizes processes. The one-stop shop works based on an automated information system for managing and issuing permissive documents and was designed with the World Bank’s support through the Competiveness Enhancement Project.

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