Employment of Kroll is a tactic for postponing investigation into banking fraud, opinion
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05:58, 08 Mar 2018

Investigators in Moldova have the task of delaying the investigation of the banking fraud as long as possible. The employment of Kroll is a tactic for postponing the investigation, political commentator Alexei Tulbure stated in the program “Expertise hour” on Jurnal TV channel, IPN reports.

According to the commentator, at least US$1 billion was stolen initially. Later the citizens were robbed by the procedure for investigating the fraud and restoring the money. “I would have liked the final report to appear in the press too and we, civil society and the opposition could have mobilized and tried to use this report to exert pressure on the power because any delay costs us a lot of money, life, health and destroyed destinies,” said Alexei Tulbure.

Civic activist Valeriu Pasa said the Prosecutor’s Office does not need the Kroll report to carry out investigations and to present evidence in court about the guilt of those involved. “Those who need this Kroll II report, which is anyway late compared with what those who stole the money can do - can transfer the money from one place to another – need it to at most inform public opinion.

Ex-MP Stela Jantuan said the final report of Kroll says many substantial data that were to be presented in this report could not be included in it because they weren’t received from the Moldovan authorities. “This report was commissioned on public money. That’s why the people must have access to it. I don’t see a problem in not publishing it. The secret of the investigation cannot last for so many years,” she stated.

The National Bank of Moldova on March 6 received the final report on the investigation of the banking fraud from Kroll and Steptoe & Johnson. The document, together with the operational data concerning the tracking of the stolen funds, is to be transmitted to the investigation bodies of Moldova next week.

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