Child dies after struck by inebriated driver before mother’s eyes

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11:13, 26 Feb 2018

Child dies after struck by inebriated driver before mother’s eyes

A child aged six died on the way to the hospital after an inebriated driver struck him by his car in front of his mother’s eyes. It happened on a road in Corjeuti village of Briceni district in the evening of February 25. The child was conscious when the ambulance arrived, but he died while being transported to the hospital, IPN reports.

According to the investigator dealing with this case Anatol Cacaluta, the driver was heavily inebriated and had an alcohol concentration of 0.86 mg/l in the exhaled air. He was taken to the Briceni Police Inspectorate for being questioned.

Dina Fomin, press officer of the Briceni Police Inspectorate, said the accident occurred at about 8pm. The driver hit the child while this was walking by the roadside together with his mother. The woman wasn’t hurt.

The 32-year-old driver is from Corjeuti. The press reported that this is a local councilor representing the Democratic Party. Legal action was taken against him. He faces at most eight years behind bars.

11:13, 26 Feb 2018

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