Four institutions to be modernized with support from Government of Japan

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05:15, 11 Dec 2018

Four institutions to be modernized with support from Government of Japan

Two education institutions and two medical institutions will be modernized with the assistance of the Government of Japan. On December 10, Japan’s Ambassador to Moldova Masanobu Yoshii signed, alongside the directors of the four institutions, the grant contracts for the implementation of four new projects as part of the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects Scheme “Kusanone”. The grant assistance totals US$ 267,130, IPN reports.

A sum of IS$ 83,279 will be allocated for one of the projects, to modernize the medical equipment at the Fãlești District Hospital. The hospital’s director Iurie Osoianu said that within the project the institution he heads will benefit from two medical devices that are expected by the medical community of the district. As a result, the quality of medical services and the patients’ satisfaction level will increase.

The Prenatal Center of the Edineț District Hospital will receive US$ 60,504 for renewing the medical equipment. The hospital’s director Anatol Guþu said the made investments are designed to increase the level of medical assistance provided to patients. In 2001, the institution benefitted from new equipment within another project of the Government of Japan, but that equipment became outdated and patients’ demands increased meanwhile.

The secondary school in Pelinia village of Drochia district will get US$ 75,037 for repairing its roof. The school’s principal Ion Bãbãlãu said the education institution was founded in 1960. The roof in the period was two times damaged as a result of natural disasters and the state in which it is now causes difficulties in the education process. The secondary school is attended by almost 250 students who are taught by de 22 teachers.

The secondary school in Domulgeni village of Florești district will be allocated US$ 48,310 for renovating the eatery. The school’s principal Maria Vetricean said the institution’s sanitary facilities were recently modernized and they now need to renovate the eatery so as to stimulate the students to learn better by feeding them tastily and healthily. The young generation should be devoted special attention as they are our future.

Ambassador Masanobu Yoshii said a number of applications for financing were submitted within the “Kusanone” Program. While examining the files, visits were made to all the institutions so as to see what the financing was asked for. As a result, it was decided to financially support four projects. Several more financing contracts as part of “Kusanone” could be signed in spring.

According to the ambassador, the “Kusanone” Program provides non-reimbursable financial assistance to directly support the efforts made by the local authorities and public institutions. The goal of the program is to promote human security and to increase the quality of life. Therefore, the beneficiaries are mainly medical and education institutions.

The Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects Scheme “Kusanone” was launched in Moldova in 2008. A number of 51 projects were implemented under this scheme since then, mainly in such areas as public health and school and preschool education. The Government of Japan provided over US$ 4.2 million in grant assistance for implementing these projects.

05:15, 11 Dec 2018

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