Education should be now key priority of the state, expert

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06:16, 13 Sep 2018

Education should be now key priority of the state, expert

Education should be currently the key priority of the state. If the Republic of Moldova does not have a good, modern, high-quality school, it will have nothing, education expert Mihail Shleahtitski was quoted by IPN as saying in the program “Red button” produced by the public TV channel Moldova 1.

Mihail Shleahtitski noted the representatives of the government coalition and of the opposition admit that the situation in education is disastrous. This situation can have an impact on society and can influence its development. The education system forms part of the general socioeconomic system and the economic engines should be thus started. “They often presume that if money is invested in the school, the problems will disappear. They will not disappear. They will be solved partially, but in essence the school will not become better as the market to which it should send the graduates will be absent,” stated the expert.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Valeriu Giletski, MP of the European People’s Parliamentary Group, said the crisis through which the Republic of Moldova goes has an impact on education, but this crisis started not one-two years ago, but much earlier. A series of measures were adopted and these include the raising of teachers’ salaries. However, the salary should not be the main attraction for teachers as these need to have a vocation.

MP Tudor Deliu, president of the Liberal Democratic Party, said the high number of vacancies in the education sector leaves the impression that someone is interested in having more illiterate persons in the Republic of Moldova because these are easier manipulated. “The Government should devote attention to education as namely the educators, the teachers of primary schools cultivate values in the state,” he noted.

Socialist MP Adrian Lebedinski said about 800,000 people left the country during the past ten years and 100,000 of these were minors. Furthermore, this year the higher education establishments enrolled 17,000 students, as opposed to 24,000 the previous years. “This is due to the education reform and the 200 closed schools and also to the Baccalaureate reform. We lose control over the youth,” he stated.

06:16, 13 Sep 2018

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