1900 vulnerable children to receive clothing and school supplies

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12:17, 18 Aug 2018

1900 vulnerable children to receive clothing and school supplies

1900 children throughout the country, who are at increased risk of quitting school, will receive school supplies and clothing, enabling them to attend school this year. Over 400 police officers and volunteers will help distribute the items, under the national campaign “Enrolled child – protected child” initiated by the General Police Inspectorate, IPN reports.

General Police Inspectorate (IGP) Deputy Chief Gheorghe Cavcaliuc believes that offering support to children at risk to quit school will reduce juvenile delinquency rates across the country. The gifts will be distributed by officers, grandparents, volunteers, General Inspectorate for Emergencies staff, and representatives of the clerical community.

The supplies and clothing have been collected from partnering divisions. Donors have also provided some of their children’s clothes, which have been worn, but are well preserved. Furthermore, some of the police leadership, church representatives, and members of the business community have donated half of their salaries for the purchase of the necessary goods.

The IGP Deputy Chief said that over 800 crimes were committed by minors in the previous year, and most of those were by children who had dropped out of school.

12:17, 18 Aug 2018

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