Five-year-old transferred in a coma to Bucharest hospital

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16:15, 20 Jul 2018

Five-year-old transferred in a coma to Bucharest hospital

A girl aged five from Sangerei district was transferred with signs of liver failure and multiple organ dysfunction in a coma to a hospital in Bucharest for treatment, including liver transplant, after she got poisoned with paracetamol.

Contacted by IPN, Ina Palii, head of the pediatric department of the Mother and Child Institute, said the girl on July 15 had a high fever and her mother gave her paracetamol. The child was left unsupervised for a period with the pills nearby. Later the mother saw that the pills were absent and presumed that they were swallowed by the child. The girl started to be supervised by the family doctor. As her state of health worsened, the child was taken to the Sangerei District Hospital and then to the Balti District Hospital and on July 18 was admitted to the Mother and Child Institute.

According to the pediatrician, the tests showed the girl suffered acute, severe, enteral poisoning with acetaminophen. The child was transferred to the Grigore Alexandrescu Emergency Children’s Hospital in Bucharest by a SMURD air-medical team in a coma for other treatment methods, including liver transplant.

Throughout the flight, the girl was supervised by SMURD paramedics and doctors, she being in a serious, but stable state.

16:15, 20 Jul 2018

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