Three social videos to encourage parents not to abandon children
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14:02, 05 Oct 2017

Three social video clips in the form of animated cartoons, designed to prevent the abandonment of  children of an early age, will be disseminated on a number of national and local TV channels and through the Internet during a month. These were made by CCF Moldova – Child, Community, Family in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection.

In a press release quoted by IPN, the authors say the videos provide solutions for parents who are in difficulty to keep the child in the family so that they do their best to prevent the institutionalization of the child. The videos were made by an animation company. The faces of the main characters were blurred to avoid stigmatization or accentuation of negative emotions. The themes were taken from the daily life.

The video clips center on three subjects: single mothers who are not supported by parents; pregnant teenage girls who are condemned by families and community, and parents who gave birth to a child with disabilities. In all the three situations, the parents are urged not to give up in despair, to think positively and to seek help from the specialized services provided by community centers.

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