Nicolae Timofti: Children represent biggest capital that people can have
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10:18, 01 Jun 2016

The children represent the biggest capital that a people can have, while the ensuring of a happy childhood and the feeling of security is a prestigious task of any society, President of Moldova Nicolae Timofti said in a message transmitted on the occasion of the Child Protection Day, IPN reports.

“Childhood is an oasis of innocence and sincerity. It is a separate and miraculous world that can anytime start burning inside us, like a smoldering fire that someone forgot to put out. Be healthy and have sufficient reasons to enjoy what we, the grownups, offer you as parents, grandparents or as functionaries and country leaders. Enjoy the care and love of your parents, while those for whom the destiny planned something else should never feel the absence of the affectivity of adults and family environment,” reads the message.

The Head of State wished the children to grow praiseworthy sons and daughters who are proud of the country and to continue the national traditions. “It is the sacramental duty of the authorities to protect childhood so that no negative heroes from fairytales written by grownups sometimes uninspiringly – poverty, theft and lie – could steal the future from our children and could compromise it,” says the message.

The President wished the children a happy and revitalizing vacation full of exciting adventures after which to reenter enthusiastically the world of knowledge.

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