State University “Nicolae Testemitanu” opens doors to visitors
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07:34, 30 May 2016

The State University of Medicine and Pharmacology “Nicolae Testemitanu” opened its doors to visitors. More than 200 persons went to the education establishment on May 28 to familiarize themselves with the learning conditions there and to find out information about the education offer 2016, IPN reports, quoting a press release of the University.

The visitors met with the University’s administration and with representatives of the admission commission. They also visited the lecture rooms and took part in simulation lectures at the University Medical Training Simulation Center. Those interested in stomatology visited the University Dental Center, where they were presented last-generation equipment and modern techniques of training specialist based on simulators and molds.

The potential students were informed about the documents they need to present to the University to be enrolled and about the four specialties to which they can apply, namely general medicine, public health, stomatology, and pharmacology.

In the second part of the Open Doors Day, the visitors went to the university campus on Malina Mica St in Chisinau. There, they saw the Medical Scientific Library, the Faculty of Pharmacology and the University Pharmacological Center “Vasile Procopishin”, where medicines are prepared and sold.

Representatives of the Association of Medical Students and Residents staged for the guests trips to the University Sports Complex and dorms, where the young people found out more information about the extracurricular activities and personal and professional development opportunities.

The Open Doors Day included an exhibition mounted under the aegis of the University. The film “State University of Medicine and Pharmacology “Nicolae Testemitanu” of the Republic of Moldova on the 70th anniversary” was shown in a conference hall throughout the day. The institution also launched the white smock and scrubs of the brand “Nicolae Testemitanu” for girls and boys and other personalized products.

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