Ambassador Neguta returns to Moscow

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14:44, 20 Mar 2018

Ambassador Neguta returns to Moscow

Moldova’s Ambassador to Russia Andrei Neguta, who was recalled three months ago for an indefinite period, is to return to Moscow. The announcement was made by Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Tudor Ulianovschi after a meeting with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Grigory Karasin, who is in Chisinau on a visit, IPN reports.

Tudor Ulianovschi said that in the meeting they discussed the whole range of topical subjects concerning the Moldovan-Russian relations so that the parties could come up with concrete solutions. “As it is known, the Moldovan-Russian bilateral relations see a not at all simple development period. Regrettably, a series of questions accumulated and these need to be examined and solved. In the dialogue, we reiterated the request to the Russian side concerning the necessity of solving and overcoming the current situation and of excluding in the future cases of abuse and pressure on Moldovan citizens, including politician and officials from our country,” stated the minister.

Tudor Ulianovschi also said that they discussed the necessity of intensifying the cooperation in the field of mutual legal assistance in the case concerning the laundering of money from Russia through Moldovan banks. The Moldovan side expressed its readiness to resume the negotiations on the draft agreements on the migration of labor force and fighting of illegal migration.

The minister noted that Russia’s participation in the Transnistrian conflict settlement talks was a separate subject for discussion. According to him, the withdrawal of the Russian troops and munitions from the Transnistrian region could be a major point in advancing the process of resolving the Transnistrian dispute.

For his part, Grigory Karasin said the dialogue in Chisinau was a consistent one. The sides agreed to intensify the cooperation pace. The bilateral relations last year developed in an unbalanced way. The process of solving the Transnistrian conflict should be stepped up. Today’s discussion confirmed the sides’ readiness to solve the existing problems in concert.

At the end of last December, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration called Moldova’s Ambassador in Moscow Andrei Neguta to Chisinau for consultations for an indefinite period of time, invoking the cases of harassment and intimidation by the Russian authorities of Moldovan officials and politicians and lack of official reactions to the repeated approaches made by the Moldovan authorities over these cases.

14:44, 20 Mar 2018

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