Roman Chirca: Moldova needs an army that would be more powerful than Transnistrian army

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07:43, 02 Mar 2018

Roman Chirca: Moldova needs an army that would be more powerful than Transnistrian army

The Republic of Moldova needs an army that would be several times more powerful than the Transnistrian one so as not to use it, but to have an additional argument and to be able to discuss with the separatist region, director of the Market Economy Institute Roman Chirca stated in the program “Fabrika” on Publika TV channel, IPN reports.

In this regard, the National Army should be modernized. “The same is true about the nuclear weapons. Their force and power is not in the Utilization, but in the potential and in the threat to use them. That’s why the Republic of Moldova cannot be a peaceful nation. It should have a well-trained and well-equipped army that would never be used, but would be ready to intervene in any difficult situation,” stated Roman Chirca.

Political analyst Victor Gurau noted the summit that will take place in Chisinau on March 2 should discuss the security problems as Moldova enters a period of continuous elections – early local mayoral elections and parliamentary elections in 2018, ordinary local elections in 2019 and presidential elections in 2020. “I think for these reasons Igor Dodon, the Socialists and the Communists, counting on Moscow’s support in the future parliamentary election campaign and not only, make particular statements and disseminate particular messages,” he said.

On March 2, Chisinau will host a high-level interparliamentary conference on security problem entitled “Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine: Eastern Partnership and current security challenges”. The participants will discuss issues related to misinformation, information and energy security and common current challenges, economic growth and rule of law in the Eastern Partnership.

07:43, 02 Mar 2018

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