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Who we are
What we do
Who reads us

Who we are


IPN is an independent news agency based in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova. IPN is successor to the municipal agency Info-Prim, being registered as a private entity in June 2005 (Info-Prim Neo SRL). Our mission is to deliver to our readers useful and reliable news in a prompt manner.


What makes us different


We truly believe that our products are to a great extent different, in form and content, from other media products existing in the Moldovan information market, and have the following distinctive features:

  • Diversity and pluralism of the sources of information used in our stories;
  • Balance between official and alternative viewpoints;
  • An analytical approach in a significant part of our stories;
  • A varied offer of media products and services;
  • Profound knowledge of community issues.

What we do


We offer to our subscribers, as well as to our readers on the website www.ipn.md, a selection of the most important news stories covering economic, political social and business issues in Moldova. Further, in our bulletins you will also find stories dedicated to Moldova's European agenda, children's rights, the Transnistrian conflict, in addition to sports, environmental stories, useful information and others.


A product that makes us especially proud are the thematic stories and feature stories that provide an in-depth look at Moldova's current affairs.


Our news and feature stories are conveniently delivered to our subscribers by email, either in the form of newsletters at the end of the day or in a story-published-story-delivered mode, or through access to our website.


We produce our stories in Romanian and translate them to Russian and English.


Further, IPN can serve as a reliable and professional platform to help its subscribers and non-subscribed clients promote their messages.

Who reads us


Our stories are mainly oriented towards competent consumers of information and we take pride in having important names among our subscribers, including:


International organizations and diplomatic missions: The EU Delegation, the Council of Europe's Office, the World Bank, the IMF, the OSCE Mission, the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, the UNFPA, the United States' Embassy, the Embassy of China, the Embassy of  Germany, the Embassy of Japan, the Embassy of Romania, the Embassy of Poland, the Embassy of Lithuania, the Embassy of Georgia, the Embassy of Latvia, the Embassy of Switzerland, the Embassy of Italy, the Hanns Seidel Foundation, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Norwegian Mission of Rule of Law Advisers to Moldova.


Public authorities: The Office of the President of the Republic of Moldova, the Government's Chancellery, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, the Ministry of Justice, the Broadcasting Coordination Council, the National ICT Agency ANRCETI, the Bureau for Diaspora Relations.


NGOs: the American Bar Association, the Public Policy Institute IPP, the Independent Press Association API, the Soros-Moldova Foundation, CCF Moldova, Promo-LEX. 


Media organizations: Radio Europa Liberă/Radio Free Europe, the national TV channel Moldova 1, the national radio station Radio Moldova, Pro TV Chișinău, Pro FM, Jurnal TV, TV7, Ren TV Moldova, TV N4, TVR Moldova, ITV, Noroc TV, NTV Moldova, TVC 21, Impact TV; the regional and local TV channels Teleradio Gagauzia, Canal X, Briceni; AVM, Edineț; Bas TV, Basarabeasca, Flor TV, Florești; TV Prim, Glodeni; TV Euronova, Ungheni, TV Albasat, Nisporeni, Art Club TV, Strășeni, NTS, Taraclia, ATV, Comrat, TV Aiin Aciic, Ceadîr Lunga, Studio L, Căușeni, TVD, Dondușeni, Impuls TV, Șoldănești, Lik TV, Rîbnița, Dnestr TV, Bender, Triumf TV, Călărași, Studio Central, Chișinău, Radio Chișinău, Radio Noroc, Radio Retro FM, Radio Aquarelle, Radio Polidisc, Radio Național FM, Radio Plai, Radio Vocea Basarabiei, Radio Eco FM; the local radio stations Radio Plus FM, Sângerei, Radio Orhei, Radio Jelannoe, Rîbnița, Radio Fluor FM, Florești, Radio Prim Glodeni; Radio Mingir, Radio Novaia Volna; Bendr, Radio Albena, Taraclia, Radio Bas FM, Basarabeasca, Radio Canal X, Briceni; the perdiodicals Timpul, Săptămîna, Adevărul Moldova, Moldova Suverană, Evenimentul Zilei Moldova, Cuvântul, Комсомольская Правда Moldova, Аргументы и Факты Moldova, Молдавские ведомости, the information portals point.md, play.md, forum.md, sporter.md, mama.md, realitatea.md, golos.md, bani.md, deschide.md, neogen-moldova, infoanunt.md, ordineazilei.ro, medicaestetica.ro etc.



Companies: Orange Moldova, Mobiasbancă, KPMG-Moldova.


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