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Volunteering - an alternative way of living for bank employees





October 4, 2018


During the National Volunteering Week, Mobiasbanca employees are reaffirming their lifelong commitment to the values that have become a hallmark of the Mobiasbanca collective i.e. team spirit, responsibility, innovation, commitment etc. that are evident from the tenths of social projects carried out.

Therefore, if you think that working in a bank is a boring experience, revolving around financial reports, statistical data, banking codes and procedures, the availability of a great many of volunteering opportunities might change your opinion regarding the enthusiasm that is characteristic among Mobiasbanca employees. 

We actively participate in the community and society’s life with the strong belief that together we could achieve many great things: 

- we support public’s health by renovating hospital wards, by periodically donating blood, sharing smiles etc. 

- spreading the spirit of charity by collecting funds for noble causes, pedaling on bicycles and fundraising at charitable fairs or by raising public’s awareness.

- we encourage the adoption of an active and healthy lifestyle, inciting our colleagues and clients to adopt healthy eating habits, running at marathons, playing soccer, rugby or table tennis.

- we inspire by reading great books, listening to select music, by transforming, on certain occasions, our offices into art galleries, thus promoting local artists.

We experience so many joyful moments and successes so that, during the National Volunteering Week, we wish you could follow our example and participate in new projects for the benefit of the community!


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