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Another free loan has been won by a client from Ungheni





October 3, 2018


The eighth winner of the lending campaign is Dora Diaconu from Ungheni. After taking a loan to implement some of her important family plans, the client automatically participated in the weekly raffle, and fortune smiled on her.

„Mobiasbanca is a reliable bank. I was very excited when I was called and told that I had won. You can totally trust Mobiasbanca and its employees”, Dora Diaconu said happily, while signing the documents which gave her a 0% interest rate and a 0% loan fee under the loan contract.

In fact, each client who contracted a consumer loan without collateral at Mobiasbanca from 1st of August to  September 30, automatically participated in the raffle, and the luckiest ones won a free loan with a 0% interest rate and a 0% loan fee.

We believe in you! We believe in your ideas!


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