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We support health and create better conditions in Balti Municipal Clinic Hospital


June 22, 2018


We believe in good deeds and support the medical sector both through advantageous commercial offers and through impactful social projects.

Recently, in the Pediatric Section of the Municipal Clinical Hospital in Balti the playroom and two salons were refurbished, being repaired and furnished so that children’s hospitalization will be cheerful and less stressful for them, for the parents and the medical workers.

At the same time, due to the charity spirit and the initiative of Balti branches, who purchased toys, books, office supplies, the celebration was even more beautiful for children.

"It has become a tradition to be with our customers already, supporting them both in personal needs and joying together for an important social cause. Cutting off the ribbon of these renovated spaces, we are honored to offer to Balti city this project", said Iurie Iurco, North Regional Director.

"We believe in professionals and appreciate the value of medical workers for society. Like them, we are aiming for excellence and we are happy to achieve together another good deed for the hospital and the community", said Sergiu Perju, Affluent Regional Director.






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