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Mediation – Mobiasbanca employs a new method of complaints resolution

March 22, 2018


Mobiasbanca announces the launch of a new innovative tool, in line with the international practice for resolving client’s complaints through mediation.

This implies an alternative for objectively and professionally solving the situation in case of disagreement with the Bank's response to a complaint or lack of the feedback within 30 days period from the complaint registration.

Thus, Mobiasbanca’s client can apply, free of charge, for the services of an independent mediator, free of charge, by calling the Mediation Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova (phone 022-23-52-68). The mediation procedure will be carried out according with the provisions of the Law no. 137 of 03.07.2015 on Mediation, as well as under conditions specified in the Mediation of complaints submitted to the Bank.

“The focus point of our ambition is to be a bank that strives to build long-term relationships and that enjoys confidence of our clients. By translating this alternative approach of complaints settlement into practice, we will find solutions, by leaving no place for hesitations or complaints in the client’s relationship with the Bank. We wish to have satisfied clients, and any complaint is always an opportunity to improve our processes”, Stela Ciobanu, Mobiasbanca’s General Secretary stated.

As regards the new tool for complaints resolution, Dumitru Lefter, the Director of the Mediation Centre of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, said: “The banking mediation will extinguish existing conflicts, and will prevent any future misunderstandings. The pursued goal is to establish a more efficient relationship between the Parties based on principle of power equilibrium and sustainability of the solution to a complaint that the Parties agreed on. In this context, the settlement of disputes via mediation aims to build confidence between clients and the Bank”.

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