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Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!

Noveber 17, 2017

In harmony with autumn, in unison with the country’s wine profile and in the context of the French tradition, the Beaujolais Nouveau Day 2017 took place last night, organized at a high-class venue of the capital.

Mobiasbanca’s clients and partners had the chance to hear the echo rung out in the whole world at once – “Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!” – and lift glasses of Beaujolais Nouveau wine from the harvest of this year – a young and refreshing wine strong fruit flavor.

„Through this event we intend to complete the rich palette of Moldovan traditions and to have another reason of gathering with our clients, enjoying a glass of French wine in an excellent environment. This is a time for celebrating this year’s harvest, sharing successes and enjoying our achievements together”, Mobiasbanca’s President of Management Board – CEO Antoine Gabizon said.

The guests were imaginarily teleported in the atmosphere of France, on the vineyards with amber and black grapes, took photos and communicated, enjoying a glass of French wine and snacks. The polyphony, created by accordion rhythms, the goodwill and cozy atmosphere fascinated and inspired, winning a well-deserved place in the memory of each guest.

We note that this is the 5th Beaujolais Nouveau event, bringing together Mobiasbanca’s clients year after year to make the most of sustainable partnerships and beautiful traditions.

We celebrate together, because it is #correct!


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