Giani Biquicchio and European officials explain Venice Commission’s…

President of the Venice Commission Gianni Buquicchio explained again what the institution he heads meant…

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Manipulation in the press continues, report

The tendencies to manipulate in the press persist through the selective presentation of facts or…

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Critical reactions to exclusion of production date from…

A number of MPs reacted critically to a new law on the information of consumers…

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Local news

Thunderstorm downs trees in Chisinau

 The rainstorm with thunder and lightning that passed through Chisinau in the afternoon of June…

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Venice Commission, mixed-member electoral system and European assistance,…

Op-Ed     There are sufficient indexes showing that the PDM will try to maximally…

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Competition for European Cup starts June 29

Dacia Chisinau, Milsami Orhei and Zaria Balti begin the struggle in the qualifying rounds of…

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Conferinþe IPN [HD] | AO ,,Protecþia Consumatorului" cere încetarea competenþelor Guvernului.Conferinþe IPN [HD] | Ziua  Internaþionalã pentru susþinerea victimelor torturii.
Conferinþe IPN [HD] |CJI: Raport manipulare informaþionalã. (1 aprilie 2017 - 1 iunie 2017).Conferinþe IPN [HD] | A.O. "Urban Consulting".  Pretinsele ,,datorii istorice" la energia termicã.
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