Program of President’s visit to Moscow

President Igor Dodon on January 16 starts his first official visit abroad, to Russia. While…

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Swiss FM equipment for 14 children with hearing…

During the next few weeks, the Association “Child, Community, Family Moldova”, in partnership with the…

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Why NAER raises price ceilings when price of…

Not even the most experienced trader can say how much the gasoline and diesel fuel…

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Local news

Most of Chisinau residents will pay up to…

The heat bills for January for most of the apartments in Chisinau will vary between…

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Infrastructure of electronic payment system in Moldova is…

The payments by bank card in Moldova are at an incipient stage in Moldova owing…

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Moldova U-19 scores first victory at “Granatkin” memorial

The national Under-19 football team of Moldova beat the similar squad of Lithuania 3-4, as…

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News Agency IPN

Public Discussion: Economic year 2016 as reviewed by entrepreneurs and experts

IPN team

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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